Associate Professor Emily Luxon talks about how ungrading works in her classroom and why it’s making her courses better.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Susie Gassel, Director, Office of Advising & Academic Success.
Sociology Professor Pamela Aronson, who’s spoken to media outlets like BBC, Salon and Vox about the pandemic’s effect on the transition to adulthood, shares research and advice on how more established adults can help Generation Z create pathways to success.
Political Science Associate Professor Julio Borquez says many factors go into a president’s approval rating and breaks down the factors behind Biden's current polling numbers. He also shares what we, as voters, can do to foster a future where polarization doesn't get in the way of progress.
University of Michigan-Dearborn recognizes 33 CASL students as 2022 Honor Scholars.
In our series on the work lives of recent grads, ‘19 alum Chanel Stitt talks about covering the news from home.
Several CASL staff members spent Thursday morning of Spring Break, March 3, helping homeless shelter animals.
Nearly a decade ago, CASL faculty member Hani Bawardi joined the preservation effort to restore the forgotten history of the oldest Arabic-speaking settlement in the U.S., located on Washington Street in New York City — and recently scored a $1.5 million grant to commemorate the community.
The Michigan Journal, Lyceum, Campus Video Network and WUMD Radio have been at UM-Dearborn for decades — but they are now starting a new chapter within the Wolverine Media Network.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Tasha Smith, biology laboratory manager in the Department of Natural Sciences.
Geology Professor Sven Morgan's scientific research — funded by more than $500,000 from a National Science Foundation grant — brings nature and nurture together by looking to prove a hypothesis on why land masses form while also expanding career interests for young learners.
To help the campus community learn more about issues they may encounter on the ballot, two UM-Dearborn students are working with the U-M Dinners for Democracy Program to facilitate interest on campus for the virtual sessions.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Prof. Abou-Zeineddine as he talks about the publication of his new short story and his creative writing talents.
For 15 years, the Inside-Out Prison Exchange program has encouraged UM-Dearborn students to think about crime and punishment mechanisms in human terms.
The new campus exhibition “Picturing Places and Spaces” features artworks spanning several centuries that are brought together to reflect on the respite the outdoors has offered during the pandemic.
Campus professors received another $500,000-plus in funding. See whose work is getting funded, read-up about new funding opportunities and learn about research resources available to UM-Dearborn faculty.
Senior Amanda Saleh and recent grad Daniel Arini reflect on how a recent United Nations Millennium Fellowship experience is helping focus and sustain their work as organizers.
Enjoy the following Q&A with Kiara Marshall, Administrative Assistant in the CASL Dean's Office.
Recent faculty awards, presentations and publications.
For the 29th Annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day of Service, 300-plus people gathered remotely and in-person to do more than 10 projects that included knitting hats and scarves to keep people in our community warm, assembling meals for the hungry and more.
UM-Dearborn's DEI Climate Survey for the campus community launches Wednesday, Jan. 19.
U-M students from Dearborn and Ann Arbor focused on the 18th-century River Raisin Settlement, the site of the War of 1812's Battle of the River Raisin, in Anthropology Associate Professor John Chenoweth’s field study course.
UM-Dearborn hosted five ceremonies and conferred nearly 800 degrees over the weekend.
Having lived in three different countries before transferring to UM-Dearborn, Biological Sciences major Beatriz Bruza said she was attracted to the cultural diversity of campus and Michigan's reputation for high standards. As she heads into graduation, Bruza says she picked the right school.
Nadya Petri, a graduate student in the Master of Science in Criminology and Criminal Justice program, presented preliminary findings from her Master's Thesis.


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