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The Experiential Learning Program

CECS co-op student in the field
CECS co-op student in the field
CECS co-op student with her NASA team at Kennedy Space Center

The College of Engineering & Computer Science Cooperative Education Program at The University of Michigan-Dearborn is a way to close the gap between the role of student and the role of practicing engineer. The idea is to learn about the practice of engineering while you are still in school, not wait until school is over.

What is Cooperative Education

The CECS Experiential Learning Program encourages students to "Practice Today. To Prepare for Tomorrow".  To strengthen the 21st century engineer and go beyond the classroom.  Experiential Learning supports students in applying their classroom knowledge and conceptual understanding to real-world problems in industry.  

Our wide-ranging of educational experiential learning programs--include cooperative education, internships, student organizations, capstone projects and faculty supported research projects.  However, the Cooperative Education Program is a cornerstone for our students. It sets the stage by introducing students to a degree paid real-world engineering environment to learn in "Live-Time" from practicing professional engineers.  

The Cooperative Education Program experience embeds, the professional knowledge, understanding, and confidence that ultimately leads to a lifetime of student success.  It's the "Michigan Blue" difference.

What Students Are Saying

Jeremy, Electrical & Computer Engineering

"Overall my internship experience vastly exceeded my expectations for a first time co-op.  I was able to experience virtually every career path that I have the option to take as an EE while also being introduced to many of the industry's leading new technologies such as wireless charging, ethernet networks, and capacitive touch technology which is new territory for all engineers that is likely to stay around for years to come."

Calvin, Mechanical Engineering

"Notably, while in final documentation, I learned how important it is for an Engineer to maintain standards, at least within their own work, so that errors can be found and corrected in a more timely and consistent manner."

Michael, Electrical Engineering

"This co-op experience gave me more confidence in my abilities and reinforced some of the knowledge that I've learned in school that I can one day apply in my future career."

Aaron, Mechanical Engineering

"Looking back at this second co-op assignment I realize just how lucky I am to have gotten another real-life experience of being an engineer.  No matter what you learn in school, nothing can prepare you for engineering than actually doing an engineer's job.  The experiences and skills I gained over these two assignments are irreplaceable and will continue to be helpful as I graduate and start my career."

Michael, Computer and Information Science

"This co-op experience was extremely beneficial in both my short and long term goals.  Upon my return to school, I will have an inside perspective on the reality of a computer science career; this will help me bridge the gap between the classes I take and the real-world application of their lessons.  In the long-term, I now have experience with interviewing and landing a job, being part of a corporation, planning and working on a long-term project, and functioning as a member of a team, as well as bolstered my computer science experience and knowledge.  All of these skills are difficult to attain within the confines of a classroom and will be an important advantage to me in the competitive job market."


To share your coop or experiential learning experience

Contact Anthony DeLaRosa​​​​​​​ at 313-593-5145 or

Industry Recruitment

On Coop
On Coop
Engineering Co-op at FIVES Group in Farmington, MI

Careful coordination is exercised by the university to ensure a good match between interests and capabilities of the student and the requisites of the participating company. The successive work assignments of the company are expected to utilize the increased knowledge a student experiences following each academic term. If this progression is extended by a company, the probability of hiring the student upon graduation is greatly enhanced. The program has proven to be an excellent recruiting device to companies who run a good program.

Co-op Education

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